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English has been an important language for many people for ages because it has been an access language for the people around the world as a lingua franca (common language between two nationals). It has become a common communicating tool during social, business and educational gathering between different nationals and now intra-nationals as well among educated and technical circles.

More job opportunity is made easier by a (sound) English you have. Whether call it a highly paying job or multinational job option, your command over English is their prime priority.

A person could transform its status from “zero-to-hero” only if one has very good command over English because English could be one of the assets you could possess and brandish to all educated, high end professionals and international clients.

A person could communicate with anybody of any high strata, class or position without any hesitation if you have something in your mental store what to speak! how to speak!! when to speak!!!

If you have English knowledge, you could read any international journals, broadsheets, books, and forge yourself into that global persona.

Writing very good email, persuasive application letter, tricky resume could open wider avenues for your world of better jobs.

Convincing interviews is possible until and unless you are good at English language.

We are here to be your “knowledge college” for world class English.

We are a catalyst and you are a base. Lets mix together and wait for the best result. Your hard work is the one that counts the most.

Grammar is needed for correct English. Vocabulary is needed for what to express. Speaking fluently and flair of writing depend upon how you exercise with the proper topics. We will guide you in all these aspects.

Vocabularies: Thousands and thousands of vocabulary with memory techniques is our asset. We will provide you as much as you want and it depends upon as much as you stay with us. We could give you as many vocabularies per post if you join for vocabularies only.

Some grammars: some basic and elusive grammar aspects are revised.

Speaking sections : different topics and many sub topics in speaking are dealt for the practical purpose of speech improvement. Some day to day topic will be the main topic on speaking issues. We will focus on presentation skills, conversation concepts, interviewing gestures, commanding etiquettes, controlling confidence and the list goes on.

Writing formats : different day to day need of writing is dealt. An application letter, eye opening email, better essays, convincing CVs, and other complex compilations of writings we have here to offer.

Reading, listening, writing and speaking are the main four forms of English communication.

Happy learning !

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