Tough words series 2

ostentation:  Intended show of to get admiration. Her jewelleries are a part of her ostentations.

sanction: To approve. Country has sanctioned budget to build water canal.

ratify: To make officially valid. The chief ratified that new rule to come to office by 930 am.

sanctuary, haven, shrine: A safest place or protected place. Rare animans have to be kept on sanctuaries but jungle is a haven for tigers. 

bickering: Debate on very small issues. He was bickering on that fly over a tea cup. 

petty: Very small issues, Synonym-trivial,Do not waste your time on petty issues.

sanguinary: blood thirsty/ bloody. There are some rulers who seem sanguinary declaring war or fight against ethnic groups. 

sanguine: Cheerful with full blood or blush. Sapana´s face looks always happy and chwerful. so, we call hwr sanguine Sapana.

sardonic, sarcastic, cynical, disdainful, contempt, scorn: To make oneself superior to others by making them less or finding their weaknesses or faults.

sate, : to feel full. I am sated with this food.

folly: A fooloshness. Her habit of showing that temper in public is nothing but her one of her follies.

vice: A bad habit. Sedentary life is a vice, not a virtue like walking and being movable.

saturnine: gloom, depressed or dull. Every sarurday he looks saturnime as he drinks lot on the Friday evening. 

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