Difficult Vocabulary series 1

Saccharine,–too much sweet/too much sentimental. Usage: I do not like your saccharine behaviour which I think is going to deveive me. Synonym- cloying.

salacious, lascivious, lustful, lewd, lecherous, ribald ( all have similar meanings): Usage: Do not show lascivious activities in relugious  places where senior and reputable people are walking around. 

sallow–very pale and weak. Usage: He has been looking sallow after he became sick.

salubrious- helping to health, usage: Salubrious weathet of Pokhara, Nepal.

salvage-to rescue, usage:  A crane salvaged that boat which was about to capsize(meaning overturn or tilt to sink)

sanctimonious-to show more religious or be hypocritically pious. Usage: Some people neglecte needy and just worship stone to let know larger mass that he is sanctimonius. 

 devout: religious. She is a devout person who always believea in her religion. 

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