Some pronouns 

​sequence  of tenses:

Present tense(main clause) is followed by present progressive/will,can or may +verb/past tense/present perfect(dependent clause)

I see that Ranju is playing chess. He says that he will work for  the good hospital. I know that she is going to marry with him. Mena says that she can read English paper. I hope he reached Kathmandu. I think she waited me at the corner this morning. Sumi tells me that she has watched that movie before.

Past tense( main clause) is followed by past progressive/simple past/would, could, or might + verb/ past perfect(dependent clause)

I borrowed some money from my girl friend when she met me yesterday.

I read newspapers while she was playing basketball.

Harka said that he would/could/might sit for a job interview.

Mamta said that she could pecuss tabla.  

I expected she had bought some gifts for me.

 antecedents of pronouns:

Pronouns without antecedents:

George  dislikes politics because he believes that politicians are corrupt. 

Pronouns with unclear antecedents:

According to Mr. Brown, mr.Adams will have to work all night in order to finish the report. Or.

Mr. Brown said that , in order to finish the report, Mr. Adams would have to work all night. 

While Janet was on vacation, she visited her friend every day.

The pronouns one and you:   

If one/you takes/take this exam without studying, one/he/you is/are likely to fail.

One/you should always do one’s/his/your homework.

One should always remember his family

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