Collective noun

Congress, family, group, committee, class, organization, team, army, club, crowd, government, jury, majority(sing/plu ….majority believes that….., majority of doctors attend infirmary …), minority, public+ singular verb. 

Flock of birds, herd of cattle, pack of dogs, school of fish, pride of lions+ singular verb.

Twenty-five dollars, fifty minutes, two miles etc collective nouns of time/money/measurement+   singular verb.

A number of/the number of:

A number of students are going to the class picnic.

The number of days in a week is seven.

The number of students who have been questioned on this matter is quite small.

Always plural holding nouns:

Scissors, shorts,pants,jeans,tongs, trousers, eyeglasses, pliers, tweezers+ plural.

The pants are in the drawer.

A pair of pants is in the drawer

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