Subjective-it was she who called you. she and I have…..,George and I would like to…..,we students are…….they instructed us student.

Complement-the policeman was looking for him. To us, it seems like a good bargain. Mary is going to class with me. Jane will make her presentation after him. 

Possessive- mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs. your teacher is the same as his teacher=yours is the same as his. Our books are heavy=ours are heavy. I  forgot my homework= I forgot mine.

Reflexive-myself, yourself, ourselves, yourselves, himself, herself, itself, themselves.( never theirselves) [subject giving and receiving the action]

John bought him a new car(him=another person)  

John bought himself a new car(himself=john). I washed myself. She served herself in the cafeteria. You can see the difference for yourselves. I myself believe that the proposal is good. She prepared the nine-course meal herself. (By  +reflexive pronoun=alone). John washed the dishes by himself=john washed the dishes alone.

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