Preposition series 1

​At home/school/work, at night, at least(at the minimum), at once(immediately)(please come at once), at present/the moment (now), at times(occasionally), at first(initially)

On the beach, in place of(instead of), for the most part(mainly), in hopes of (hoping to), of course(certainly), off and on(intermittently, fitfully) , for good(forever). 

Prepositions following the verbs , nouns and adjectives.

Nouns+ preposition: equivalent of/to, quality of, pair of, number of, reason for, sample of, example of, exception to, possibility of, fear of/for, method of/for, hatred for/of, need of/ for, means for/of.

Verbs + preposition: decide on, detract from, emerge from, participate in, confide in, plan in, plan on, engage in, pay for, escape from, remove from, depend on, approve of, succeed in, mingle with, rely on. 

Adjectives + preposition: satisfied with, divorced from, guilt of, interested in, fond of, isolated from, afraid of, accustomed to, amenable to, inferior to, similar to, different from.

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