No tension in Tense!


Bind, bound, bound

choose, chose, chosed

lead, led, led


swim, swam, swum

tear, tore, torn..

 bet,bid,cost,cut,fit,hit,put,quit,read,shut,spread have all three same forms.

       Past progressive: 

       Martha was watching tv when mark came home.(occurring in the past and interrupted by another)

      Martha was watching tv when while john was reading a book.(two actions occurring at the same time in the past)

     While Martha was watching tv,  john read book.(not that common)

     Martha was watching tv at seven o’clock last night. what were you doing at one oclock this                     afternoon?(at some specific time in the past)

      The student was reading while the professor was speaking.

      present perfect: George has seen this movie three times(action more than  once in the past)

      john has lived in the same house for twenty years/since 1987.

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