Negative agreement, as if and Command.

​negetive agreement.

I dint see Mary this morning, and john dint either/neither did john.

John hasn’t seen the new movie yet. I haven’t seen the new movie yet.

John hasn’t seen the new movie yet, and I haven’t either/neither have i.

hardly,barely,rarely,seldom.(negative meaning)

She scarcely remembers the accident.

I hardly ever go to sleep before midnight.


Be quiet. Pay your rent.

Don’t open the window(negative commands)

The policeman ordered the suspect to be quiet(indirect command)

The teacher told Christopher not to open the window.(negative indirect command)

as if / as though

 Indicate something unreal or contrary. So, very similar in form to conditional sentences. Verb should be past or past perfect.

The old lady dresses as if it were winter even in the summer. Angelique walks as though she studied modeling.  He looked as if he had seen a ghost( some tougher things). He  looks as if he has finished the test( perhaps he has finished). He looked as though he was leaving(perhaps he was leaving)[ some easy things]

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