Need, Questions and Tag Q. 

The verb NEED.

John and his brother need to paint the house. My friend needs to learn Spanish. He will need to drive alone tonight.(animate subject is followed by verb inf.)

The grass needs cutting/the grass needs to be cut. The tv needs repairing/needs to be repaired.  The composition need rewriting/ needs to be rewritten(inanimate subject followed by ing/to be pp form)

In need of.

The roof is in need of repair. The  organization was in need of volunteer.


 Whom does ahmed know from Venezuela?

Embedded question: we haven’t ascertained where the meeting will take place.

Do you know where he went?

Could you tell me what time is it?

Do they know how often the bus runs at night?

Can you tell me how far the museum is from the college?

I’ll tell you what kind of ice cream tastes best.

Who will paint that picture?

They cant decide who will paint that picture?

Tag Q.

You have two children, haven’t you?( British English)

Affirmative agreement.

I am happy, and you are too/and so are you.

 They will work in the lab tomorrow, and you will too/and so will you.

I will be in new mexico in august, and they will too/so will they.

He has seen her plays, and girls have too/so have the girls.

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