​modals +perfective.

Modal +have+ pp.

Could/may/might +perfective. (past possibility)

It might have rained last night, but I am not sure. The cause of death could have been bacteria. John might have gone to the movies yesterday.

should + perfective.

An obligation that was supposed to occur in the past, but for some reason it did not occur.
Ramnis should have gone to the post office this morning.(he did not go to the post office). Katrina shouldn’t have called karim last night.(she did call him) 

Was/were supposed to+ verb means much the same as should+ perfective.

Ramnis was supposed  to go to the post office this morning.(he did not go)

must +perfective

Not used to indicate past obligation. Indicates logical conclusion in the past.

The grass is wait. It must have rained last night.( it probably rained)

Karma did very well on the exam. He must have studied.(he probably studied).


Adjectives: descriptive( colour, size or quality of person or thing like beautiful, large, red, interesting, important, colourful) and limiting( restriction is placed: quantity, distance, possession like cardinal numbers eg one/two, ordinal numbers eg first/second, possessives eg my/your/his, demonstrative eg this/that/these/those, qauntity eg few/many/much, articles eg a/an/the).

A pretty girl, an interesting story, the red dress. Adjectives precede the nouns/pronouns  they modify or follow linking verbs.(gives an answer of what kind..??)

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