Verbs as complement:

(Agree,attempt,claim,decide,demand,desire,expect,fail,forget,hesitate,hope,intend,learn,need,offer, plan,prepare,pretend,refuse,seem,strive,tend,want,wish)+to.

(admit,appreciate,avoid,can’t help,consider,delay,deny,enjoy,finish,mind,miss,postpone,practice,quit,recall,report,resent,resist,resume,risk,suggest)+gerund.

(begin,can’t stand,continue,dread,hate,like,love,prefer,regret,start,try,)+gerund/to.

(Approve of, be better off, count on, depend on,give up, insist on, keep on, put off, rely on, succeed in, think about, think of, worry about)+ gerund

(Object to, look forward to, confess to)+ gerund.

(accustomed to, afraid of, capable of, fond of, intent on, interested in, successful in, tired of)+gerund.

(choice of, excuse for, intention of, method for, possibility of, reason for, method of)+gerund.

(anxious, boring, dangerous,hard,eager, easy, good, strange, pleased,prepared,ready,able, usual, common,difficult) +to.

(Stop, remember,forget)+to/gerund.

John stopped studying.( no more studying). John stopped to study(stopped something in order to study)

(Allow,ask,beg,convince,expect,instruct,invite,order,permit,persuade,prepare,promise,remind,urge,want)+complement+to inf.

We understand your not being able to stay longer.

He regrets her leaving.

We are looking forward to their coming next year.

We don’t approve of john’s buying this house.

We resent the teacher’s not announcing the test sooner.

We object to their calling at this hour

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