Inclusives ! and Clauses

inclusive :

Not only….but also, both..and, as well as. All means in addition to/besides. Parallel forms are required.

Not  only……but also.

Heera is not only talented but also handsome, he writes not only correctly but also neatly.

As well as.

Heera is talented as well as handsome. Shambu composes music as well as writes lyrics.


Heera is both talented and handsome. Sarita plays both sitar and guitar.

know/know how

Reema knows how to play tennis well.

Prianka  knows about the baseball game and its whole lot of rules.

clauses of concession: although, even though, though, despite, (albeit, notwithstanding)

The kid had an ice cream though/eventhough/albeit/although his dentist had told him not to.

Despite the kid’s dentist’s suggestion, he had an ice cream. Notwithstanding the suggestion of a dentist, the kid had an ice cream. 

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