Grammar basics

participles as adjectives:

Present/ past participle = ad hoc adjectives!

Crying baby, purring kitten, blooming flowers, sorted mail,  frozen food, imprisoned men, boring lecture, boring professor, bored students, frightening movie, frightened child. 

parallel structure

she is a senior, studies everyday, and will graduate a semester early.(happening at different times)

transformation of direct and indirect objects:

I presented a gift(direct object) to Ria(indirect object). I presented ria a gift.

Verbs allowing object transformation- bring, build, buy, cut, draw, feed, find, get, give, hand, leave, lend, make, offer, owe, paint, pass, pay, promise, read, sell, send, show, teach, tell, write.

But, if direct and indirect objects both are pronoun, generally indirect object cant  be taken ahead.  

She gave it to him(correct). She game him it(incorrect)

He drew a picture for his mother. He drew his mother a picture. Introduce and mention use preposition to. Transformation is not possible.

I introduced harry to Renault. I introduced Renault to harry. Ramesh mentioned the Party to me. Ramesh mentioned me to party.

adverbials at the beginning of a sentence

 I hardly remember the moment that was about my severe illness.

Hardly do I remember the moment that was about my severe illness.

Hardly, rarely, seldom, never, only +  auxiliary +subject + verb.

Never have I became angry as today.

Hardly had I concentrated on studies when I started thinking of you.

Rarely has she met such an vibrant persona as he has presented as walking encyclopedia cum good looking guy.

Seldom do we meet on Saturday.

Only with martinet behavior can you be able to tame your juniors and students.

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