Dangling Participles !

dangling participles(illogical participle modifiers)

After jumping out of a boat, the shark bit the man.(incorrect)

After jumping out of the boat, the man was bitten by the shark.

By, upon, before, after, while are some of the prepositions preceding the participles.

After preparing the dinner, Michael will read a book. By working whole day, we can have evening break for revelry. While reviewing for the test, Harish became aware of vocabulary review.

Practicing his driving every morning, Dick hopes to get license soon.(present)

Having a terrible accident, Denis found himself in the bed of an emergency.(past)

Completing the book draft next week, I will send it for editing.(future)

Having finished their supper, the couple engaged in family matter.( after the couple had finished….)

 Not having prepared well, he could not perform perfectly in the exam.( because he had not prepared well…..)

Passive form:

Having been informed by the embassy, I ran for grabbing my visa.(after I had been informed…… )

Not having been told about the exam schedule, she missed the exam.( because she had not been notified……)

Attacked by an angry mob, the gashes in the boy’s throat were life-threatening.(illogical)

Attacked by an angry mob, the boy suffered life threatening gashes in his throat.(correct)   

Before signing the school song, the student recited the poem

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