unequal comparisons: higher than, more comfortable than.

Far more expensive than, much less interesting than, much sweeter than, much more artistically, far better than, as much/many/little/few as, more/less/fewer than( their job allows them less freedom than ours)

illogical comparisons:

The salary of a professor is higher than that of a secretary/than secretary’s. classes in the university are more difficult than those in the college.

Multiple number comparison:

Twice as much as, three times as many as, half as many as.

This book costs twice as much as the other one.

At the food-festival last Friday, roman ate three times as many spicy water sacs as krish.

Seema has half as many pens now as I had six months back.

double comparisons: the cooler it is, the more comfortable I feel. The higher you reach, the the more frightened you be. The sooner you come, the faster you return. The more you study, the smarter you will become.

 no sooner:  at the beginning of the sentence and than introduces the second clause.

No sooner had we started out for California than it started to rain. No sooner will he arrive than he will want to leave.

positive, comparative, superlatives:

Harvey is smarter of the two boys. Of  the two shirts, this one is the prettier. please give me the smaller of the two pieces of cake.

**** 2 entities= comparative, 3 entities=superlative.

John is the tallest boy in the family.  These shoes are the least expensive of  all.

 nouns functioning as adjectives:

A wool coat, a gold watch, a history teacher. Number-noun combinations always appear hyphenated. We sat for dinner we lasted two hour. We sat for two-hour dinner. A two-year subscription. That student wrote a ten-page report. These are twenty-dollar shoes

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