Cause, effects and more 

enough with adjectives, adverbs and nouns:

Adjective/adverb + enough  

Are these cookies crisp enough?

Hari speaks Japanese well enough to be an language mediator.

Cold enough, bad enough

Enough+ noun.

Do you have enough  sugar for the cake?

Enough money…etc.

 cause connectors: because / because of.

I ate a lot because I was hungry.

I ate a lot because of my hunger. 

purpose and result. So that.

I arrived early so that I could attend all the seminar presentations.

Cause and effect(so, such):

The player juggled the ball so skillfully that the whole viewer got mesmerized.

Terry ran So fast that he broke the previous speed record, judy worked  so diligently that she received an increase in salary, the soup tastes so good that everyone will ask for more, the little boy looks  so unhappy that we all feel sorry for him, ramita is such a beautiful lady that every bloke die for her, such a hot day that, so hot a day..that, such an interesting book that, so interesting a book that.., ramita is so beautiful a lady that every bloke die for her.

Such exceptional abilities that, such beautiful pictures that, such bad luck that, such difficult homework that….( no so in front)

It has been such a long time since I’ve seen him that I’m not sure if I will remember him.

Cause:it has been a long time. Effect: I’m not sure if I will remember him.

He has so heavy a work load that it is difficult for him to travel.

Peter has such long fingers that he should play the piano. 

This is such  tasty ice cream that I’ll have another helping.

The smiths had so many children that they formed their own football team, I had so few job offers that it wasn’t difficult to select one, he spent so much money in project  that he can not abandon it now, the grass received so little water that it turned  brown in the heat. 

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