An article 

No an : European,eulogy,euphemism,eucalyptus,house,home,heavy,half,uniform,university, universal, union.
Yes An: hour, heir, herbal, honor, uncle, umbrella, unnatural, understanding

An umbrella, a white umbrella.

Yes The: the red sea, the Atlantic ocean, the Persian gulf, the great lakes(plurals), the rocky mountains, the Andes, the earth, the moon.

The university of Florida, the college of arts and science.

The first world war, the third chapter.(ordinal number before nouns)

The Crimean war, the Korean war(wars)

The united states, the united kingdom, the central African republic. (group of countries except great Britain)

The constitution, the magna Carta (historical documents).

The Indians, the Aztecs(ethnic groups).

No! the: lake Geneva, lake Erie(singular lakes) mount Vesovious, mount Mckinley (mounts) venus, mars, earth, orion (planets/constellations).

Santa fe community college, cooper’s art school, Stetson university(phrase with proper noun)

World war one, chapter three(cardinal number)

New Zealand, south Africa ( countries preceded by direction/new)

France ,Sweden(country with only one word)

Europe, Africa(continents)

Florida, Ohio (states)

Basketball, baseball(sports)

Freedom, happiness(abstract nouns)

Mathematics, sociology(general subject)

Christmas, thanksgiving (holidays)

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