Adverbs: modify verbs(except linking verbs), adjectives or other adverbs. Most descriptive adjectives +ly= adverbs. Quiet+ly=quietly. Adverbs answers the question: how….?= carefully/fluently/too much/very well fast etc.

So,very,almost,soon,often,fast,rather,well,there,too are also adverbs.

 adjectives with linking(copulative) verbs.

These verbs must be modified my adjectives not adverbs. Be/become/remain/stay/appear/seem/sound/feel/look/smell/taste. Eg. feel bad, become tired, 

Be/become/remain can also be followed by noun phrases. Eg.he remained chairman of the board despite the opposition.

Feel/look/smell/taste may also be transitive verbs and take a direct object. Modified by adverbs.

The doctor felt the leg carefully to see if there were any broken bones. he felt odd while talking with strangers. Looked at the exams happily(active)/looks happy today(linking), tasted the meat/tastes delicious, smell the flower gingerly/smells musty.

 Equal comparisons:

As tall as, as interesting as, as fast as, as well as, not as tall as/no so tall as. As the same tallness as/as the same interest as.

Adjectives/nouns= light;heavy/weight,narrow;wide/width,shallow;deep/depth,small;large/size. ( as light as/ as the same weight as, as shallow as/ as the same depth as)

The opposite of the same as= different from( never different than)

He speaks the same language as she. Their teacher is different from ours. 

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