Writing Overview: The most important thing to know before you start writing.


For writing topic is important because you have to think of topic in the first place. 

And then, you need a description of topic that is research on topic / knowledge about topic/ idea on topic, and then view on topic.

You can work on one interesting trick that is called mind mapping.

After mind mapping. You have to think where to start.  You have to play with your words. 

You have to be ready with your correct and hitting, grammar, and the writing format. 

For writing, 

There is short and long structures. 

There is as short as email, status( for your social media), advertisement contents, part of the website, or for the writing of your other purposes to as long as  essays, columns, books and more.  

You have to follow the structure. 

So, you have to go for heading fist. Starts with intro or opening line. Then first body,  Second body, third body, conclusion and closing lines.. And ,in the end, you have to tell people about take away points. 

When you write, you can write 50 words, 100 word, 200 500 word, 1000 words,  1000 or 10 words or 50,000 words or one lakh words, you know!, it varie, depending on need.

 So, it depends. All upon your knowledge and things you are telling, as there is storytelling. Or, sharing your view. 

When you develop a concept to write some formats, you will be able to write longer and complicated version as well.

Here you go: 

  1. I will teach you how to churn words needed for that particular writing based on heading.
  2. Correct grammar while writing. 
  3. Summary of writing 
  4. 4. Take away point of your writing