Writing a love letter:1

​Here, I am writing a letter from a college level boy who has almost come of his age and can think or at least delineate his future steps, whose family starts expecting some good results, he wants to carve his career out of his college education and on top of all, his biological markers start tickling him. In one of the days in college, he yearns for falling for one lady of his choice. So, here is how he tries to break the ice.

Dear blossom,

World has been so beautiful because god created a girl,

I want to propose you ‘cos I don’t want to loose a pearl.

My dad wants me to be a doctor, momma wants me a chartered accountant but I want to be your man in the first place. When I was in school I had a different perception on girls. I used to think girls are there just to scream, boast, aim high without capability, giggle, cry and complain. Thank you so much that at least you opened my eyes by being a quintessence of a girl which I was thinking of. Even if my proposal may not work out, you would be credited for changing my view on girls.

They say—behind every successful man, there is a woman. Yes, they are true because even after imagining you in my company, I have started working in a different way- a productive way, let aside being really with you- I will concur mountains after that. One example here – last evening I finished my zoology and botany practicals just because your virtual company was there. Now, just calculate the positive feedback of your energetic company—If I work hard from your support, I will stand unique and be capable in the classroom, then teacher would find me a favorite, and every students would start coming to me for consultation and ultimately my leadership or say forward moving habit would reign and eventually I may lead the world. So, beware! Don’t let other girls to be my first lady by outsmarting you. Girls are said to be jealous amid themselves so, they may bewilder you and steal me, hehe. Just kidding!

Dear B,

What I simply tried to spew my feelings is just a tip of the iceberg, there are more things to come if you too would be interested. I don’t want to spoil your more time as well. You too go and study, stand out, be an intellectual cum smart girl so that after seeing us, if we be for each other,—masses would start creating another cliché- smart lady is there because she has got diligent guy next to her.

Love from,


(This is just a fictional love letter!)

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