Writing a love letter 5

​Prettiness, appeal and carnal attributes attract every male. If these things do not work, there would be some problems with hormonal and visual level of the receiver.  So, here I am writing a letter on behalf of a confident man (what he says in his letter is if believed) to a terminally pretty girl.

Dear Cripty,

A saying goes–Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder

But, I never confine prettiness just above the shoulder!!

A myth goes—as carnally titillating and physically attractive angel passed by , a sage came out of his meditation cocoon. So, don’t get appalled from this ordinary human being’s liking towards you (who is a living angel in this earth).  At times nature seems so generous that it begets spotless offspring. You are an example of that creation, without any shadow of doubt. But, I am not here only to flatter you by litany of accolades just to make you stumble upon me. Rather, I am scribbling this letter first– to make you aware that I am one of the admirers of your beauty and second- to remind you that only beauty or mere prettiness may not work in this world of talents, smart people, and cut throat competition to survive with yours head up.

Obviously, every Tom, Dick and Harry may try you to please, will try to fall in love with and try hard to make you a goddess in his life. And, again it could be true that you may be having the toughest time to choose one of them. I mean, this is materialistic world and everything is possible and that to for a girl, like you, at a vantage level is more difficult to escape. Again, I would like to suggest you- take a time to judge for a person who not only runs after your immaculate skin, your well endowed body and your plastic smile but also your inner pain, sorrow and sadness which you, being a human, might be going through inside.

I would feel blessed if you find time to reply my letter among the stack of it, just my wild guess, in your table. And, I Will find myself a happiest person in the world if you happen to give a thought for me. Yet, I would like to make it clear, here, is- I will be there as perseverant gardener of garden where a beautiful rose(you!) is blooming. In other words, I am not the one just running after a carnal purpose with pretty lady of this earth but I want to be your mental sharpener, social groomer and toddling guardian which you may need to thrive and sustain in this flattened world.

Whatever you may find good, do—accept or do not accept, it’s all up to you. But, few things I may find here worth advising–which would work for rest of your life and will be guiding lines  when needed and I am pretty sure you would remember me when you use these magical coins in need. Let me enlist some–never let your prettiness reign your conscience (it may mislead you),always follow your heart not your over the skin possession( your heart is your natural guide), never dream too high until you are mentally capable ( many pretty girls in history with high dream with less capability has faced backfires), never allow love and passion  die no matter how you may have to go through so many hanger-ons (love and passion are like never extinguishing candle ), and on top of everything—fight the frustrations, if gate crashes, with smaller than smallest happiness.

Keeping aside all those diplomatic lines above, let me reveal myself– I really do like you and love you. If you find a guy better than me, I will be happy. If you compromise with the small fries, I will be dejected. So think, choose a better person and fall in love.

Love creates, hate destroys!



(This is just a fictional love letter!)

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