Writing a love letter 4

​How, a pretty lady tries to coax a boy she likes. How she has to uncork her feelings is as follow.
Dear Ketlor,

People follow my skin, assuming me beautiful.

But,I am following you ,who is always  dutiful.

Thank you for being there as a man of my dream, Ketlor. Since my childhood they used call be this pretty that sweetie and every guy with nose full of snot to unkempt long hair, ear glinting with stubs to horrible goatie, class crooners to budding poets, class teacher to class topper all tried to ensnare me. They and their behavior always helped me to evolve and to think of better person in life. I don’t know since when I started imagining a guy like you but was always impatience to find until I saw you in that project when you were voluntarily participating in that blood donation camp, without any tincture of selfishness. Now, I am more than ever restless to find you as my private person so that I can grow together with a social person in this world of selfish creatures. I am praying for god that the day would come earlier than the earliest. When I used to whisper your name amid my chums but they referred you a nerd who neither goes to gym nor hops in the basketball court or strums a guitar belting out rock and roll. Shit, they were selfish. Now, I am alienating them.

This world is of materialists and beauty has been powering. Using my advantage of physical beuaty,I can reign a small bunch of followers who are in the name of praise are trying to approach me. I can use them, I can employ them for my security and reap the benefit. But, I don’t want my productive positive energy be spoilt and negatively vibrated. Rather, I want to weave a dream with determination under your guidance and want to be a part of your success.

You may say-only one activity of mine can’t be a reason to assume me the best. You may not believe that how I did a research on you after that event (which opened my eye). You volunteered in a school during your college break, dint you? You are planning a community awareness drama show every year in a festival seasons, aren’t you? You sent your sister to an expensive nursing school but you waited for your engineering scholarship, no? They are some snippets of your positivity, Ketlor. So, I am sure enough that I can emerge more conspicuously than ever with you.

If every guys are same, you may find me lighter for coming a step ahead for relation. But, you know, if you see a precious gem in the middle of the road—wouldn’t you come fore and try to pick it up fast? The story is almost alike here. Be my real gem in life. 

It’s not that I can be your fuel for every success but I humbly advice you that every nimble brain needs emotional lap to lie, aware audience to listen and regular caretaker to cuddle. I do assure that that person in your life would be me.

If you be mine, fine. If it’s not written in what they say,heaven, again fine. Whatever happens, happens for good.  Be a good friend and keep your activity, with the masses, moving and create  a world better place to live. You can do better !!

Still one sided,


(This is just a fictional love letter!)

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