Writing a love letter 3

​A bit different, how a girl just crossed her teenage gets infatuated with her father’s friend. Despite being almost half of his age she dares to declare him man of her dream. Here is how she tries to upload her feelings in this love letter !
Dear Septon,

Age is just a number

I am young, you are younger!
Yes, we have to respect the mathematics that our age, at times, is an indicator of how much we have grown to date. But, as it comes to our day to day activity, thinking and passion, one at sixty could lead his/her life as agile as sixteen and one at twenty can be as tired as septuagenarian. Just nimbleness in life determines age not just arithmetic. So, I would like stop calling you uncle and you are my dear Septon now on.
My dad is my ideal person in my life. How he respects my mom always tempts me. How he supports my mom’s opinion always makes me proud. And, how he cares my mom always makes me dream of a man, like him, in my life. And, activity and quality of a man that match with my dad is you. Thank god ! nobody has explored you till date and sooner or later god is going to handover me my precious gift, you. It’s my right to keep my finger crossed !
People say, I have inherited my mom’s qualities. Leave aside her prettiness, I don’t give it a darn which is ephemeral albeit I am not that bad looking. But, her behavior, culinary skills, home making sense and caring to the loved ones from the heart are some of the heirlooms I am endowed with. If you were not pretending, last time, when my mom prepared dinner and you kept on praising her. You know I can make food as good as if not better than she does. If you were not acting, last festival, when my mom decorated the home and you got awed with the work. Lets me inform you, Mr !, that was me who did most of the task. And, when my mom does regular care to my dad and does regular calls when you two are among other friends, I feel like calling you from the next room but alas ! I don’t have that right until now.
I have learnt from my friends that you don’t have to go for a guy of the same age. Uff– their regular fights, egos, insecurities, lack of guidance and possessiveness always nudge me and intimate me that I never have to go for a person who is merely of my age. Biologically as well, women mature faster than men. So, 10/12 years gap is natural. Why do I or you have to be embarrassed with just more plus 8 years. I have sneak peaked your facebook on your last bday when you turned 46 and on my next Bday I will be 21. Just by age, life can not be predicted. Life is a bubble it may collapse any time notwithstanding the number of age. So, don’t feel too old for me. I will take you to gym, jogging and rigorous work outs which would bring down your age to the level your romantic heart’s age, active and thoughtful brain’s age.

I am sorry for an order that you please stop smoking, which still I don’t have a right to advice. You are mine and your health is mine. I want to live long years together with you and want to leave this physical world before you do.
Respect a missive, from your mistress

Start loving me, don’t keep me in distress !



(This is just a fictional love letter!)

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