Speaking Class Overview

Speaking  Class Overview

As always, when you are speaking you have to be ready yourself with:

  1. Topic. 
  2. Your research on that topic/ your knowledge of that topic/ your idea of that topic/ your view about that topic. 
  3. You have to mind map. What you are going to include whole concept that you have about that topic. So, during mind mapping you will be playing with so many slices of that topic. Smaller the slices, possibility is that you can dig deep inside that subject. 
  • You have to play well with the words on that topic because the speaking means uttering words, taking out words out of mouth.
  • You need good grammar, because grammar is important. 
  • Format of speaking.  As I always say format is important for anything you do. That is how the speaking goes. That is how you can speak. That is how you make an impact by speaking.

When you start , 

You start with intro filled with hooks, so that your audience stays as your listener and stick to you.

Then go for body. Body has to be engaging. During working on body (body segment one, body segment two, body segment three, body segment four, and according to your need, according to the length, you can more segments of  body part of your speech ) it has to follow coherence. 

In the end, You have to close it with punch lines. So that your speech remains memorable to the audience. 

 when you wrap up your speech, you have to tell your audience, your listeners, some take away points, take away message.

After finishing your speech, there is always questions and answers session. So, you have to be ready with answers of possible questions to be asked from the audiences.  

Regarding speech Practice: 

First you speak for five minutes. 

You speak 10 minutes. 

You speak 20 minutes. 

You speak 30 minutes. 

You speak for an hour. 

It is also an art so, more you do, more it becomes better, more it becomes polished, more it becomes interesting, more it becomes engaging. 

More you speak, more you can improve it. Just like any other craft.