Speak English well and sell your ideas and impress people.

Speaking skill . 

When you are speaking meaningfully. You will be going to do very big thing.

You will be able to melt harder than the hardest hearts if you speak nicely and meaningfully. You will be solving difficult problems. You will be convincing complicated negotiations. Just your speech matters!

In speeches, you have to follow certain guidelines. You have to be able to use the right words in the right time, or in the right moment.

You have to speak correctly. Not to deliver a wrong message, or not to confuse with wrong messages. 

You have to clearly dictate words or, you have to be clearly pronouncing words. Like rear and rare, let’s and lets, hurt and heart, career and carrier, and more you will learn from us. 

So if you want to sharpen your speaking skills and conversation strategies. We are here, and very happy to be of help to you. 

We will try to raise the bar of your word power. We will take you to the next level of speaking tasks, and help you to solve them. 

We will deal with difficult topics and help to create more topics. More the practice, more honed your art becomes.  

We will listen or help to develop your projects as well. If you are with certain projects. 

Projects like Toastmasters, podcasts, and some other speaking platform creations are there in the world because speaking has a lot of potential in this world. 

Let’s catch up and grow from here. 


Get ready to speak your mind. 

Speaking topics (Speaking areas)

conversation with friends 

Speaking in front of friends
With clients and business deals
New people
In front of larger mass
In front of professionals colleagues

Tasks to perform ( based on time duration. Yes, time is important) 

Speak for 1 mins ( intro) 
speak for 2 minutes
Speak for 3 minutes
speak for 5 mins
Speak for 10 mins

Speak for 20 mins

Speak for 30 mins

Speak for 1 hour

Word Power : 500 to 700 ( please focus on more words)  
Phrases/idioms : 100 to 150
Mitigating mistakes and quick grammar review.
Pronunciations : 

Your ongoing Projects/missions 

speaking activities, jobs, podcasts, toastmasters.


Speaking class division step by step. 

Class 1 with clients and business deals 
Class 2. speaking for 10 minutes 

Class 3 Speaking as a motivator.
Class 4 speaking for 20 minutes. 

Class 5 words. (100 daily used and difficult words mixed to check how your words are)
Class 6 words (100 difficult words) 

Cass 7 grammar correction. 
Class 8  confusing grammar reviews. 

Class 9 intro/short reviews, describing somebody describing some events.
Class 10 speaking impactfully for five minutes

Class 11 A radio show
Class 12, speak for 45 minutes . 

Class 13 teaching  or speech in front of your inspired listeners. 
Class 14 speaking for one hour.

Class 15 pronunciations. 
Class 16 fluency factors. 

Class 17 talk between or known people talk between non people.
Class, 18 conversation for 15 minutes 

Class 19 project planning for podcasts, radio, Toastmasters speaking activities. 
Class 20 resources, future plans.