General English class

 Just like any other languages English is one language. 

For the language. We need to learn words, grammar, and others, 

every language circulates in four ways, listening, reading, speaking and writing, 

Listening means listening speech, listening, a radio. Listening podcast. Listening talk. 

Reading means reading books, reading newspapers, reading emails. And lately,  statuses on social media. 

Speaking means speaking in front of mass like storytelling lectures, giving lectures, communication with a person or a group. speaking with friends, speaking with students, speaking with clients

writing means writing a letter, writing an email, writing an article, writing a book, writing a brochure. And lately, writing things for the contents of a website, and all other business projects.


Now it’s time for words. 

Words are important in language. And just like a little kid starts learning languages, from words like Dada, Papa, Mama, and more. So, Even if you know a word, you can communicate. That is called as broken English. Just for example, if you know the meaning of rice. If you know the meaning of a rice. If you know the meaning of water. You can pronounce that word and ask somebody and somebody understands that you are talking about water, or you say  hot, or if you if you say, cold, or if you say, angry. If you say happy. At least it delivers a meaning to somebody at the other end. Sure, orcs are most important in languages, without words, your language, cannot be built.

Next is grammar. To make your sentence correct or understood Well, or the message to be delivered properly. you need grammar so I say grammar is cement in language and words are bricks in language. So by combining these two a wall can be built language wall. a language wall. 

Number three, or next is practice 

listening and reading are for the input of your language and writing and speaking are the output of your language. These are just like crafts. Any other crafts: more you do more polished it becomes.  more you work on it. More shining, it becomes. 

So for 25 days, I will teach you words .In 25 days, You will learn tentatively 1000 to 1200 words. And these words are sufficient enough for your basic English. 

And in 25 days. I will review your 25 topics in grammar. That will be sufficient enough for the correct English to write or correct English to speak.

So, listening practice and reading practices are to know English. Like you listen to radio or you read our newspaper daily. These are inputs to your English knowledge, so you know English you have to listen. You have to read. I’m talking about practice right. 

And you speak, and you write means you express English. 

Just like there is a water tank. When somebody fills water or a water from estuary or water from source comes to that tank. So here, source means listening and reading, and the water is delivered from that tank. That means, speaking and writing.

Here I will give you some sample examples of English words. Here I will give you some sample examples of English words, these, you will be speaking, daily, or these you will be using in your daily English conversations. And here are some samples of grammar. These, you usually use in your day to day English conversation.

I will give you some listening models. 

Maybe some audio, some podcasts, some videos. Some lectures and some conversations. From these listening topics or from these listening tasks. You have to learn words, or you have to find the meaning of words. You have to figure out the grammar. And you have to get the speed of that thing which you are

For your reading models. I will give you some newspaper clips. I will give you some e-books. I’ll give you some email templates. I’ll give you some messages.
These you will be reading. you will be figuring out which words are used there. you will be seeing the grammar part, and you will be understanding the meaning of what it is written there, and you will be finding the summary.

For the speaking model.. And he will be speaking for one minute.
You will be speaking for two minutes. He will be speaking for five minutes. You will be speaking for 10 minutes. For the speaking topic, You have to figure out words you will be, you will be speaking in that topic.
You have to be ready with the grammar part. You have to plan for that topic. You have to know the format of a topic, or you have to know the format for speaking,
that I will be teaching you. 

For the writing models. There are topics. You will be writing 50 words in the beginning. Then you will be writing 100 words. Then 200 words. Then 300, then 500, and the length keeps on increasing.

Just like in his speaking you have to be ready with words. You have to be ready with correct grammar. You have to plan for the topic. And you have to think of the format or writing format. So this is how English will be taught to you from my side. 

Your questions will be entertained. Your homework will be seen but I think you will be evaluating your own homework. I’ll teach you how to evaluate your homework. You will be conversing with your friends. You will be speaking in front of your mobile in a video record or audio record that you will be listening time and again. So these are the tricks, I will be teaching you. On top of all, you will be your own teacher in the long run. Because you are the only one who will be with you the rest of your life. Your primary school teachers are not with you now, your secondary school teachers are not with you now, even your college days’ teachers may not be with you. Your friends would not be with you all the time, your parents would not be with you all the time. Because you are the only one who will be with you the rest of your life so you yourself is the best teacher for your growth for your correction for your right path. 

So let’s start and good luck with your learning!