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Flair Vs. Flare

  Flair: An ability to do certain things well. A flair for writing. …. Flare: A sudden burst or bright flame. A flare of anger. A controversy flared up again. Our Facebook page : Click  Our Services: click                               

Easy words day-31

Hoof Medium Volcano Radish Carrot Saucers Furnace Sorrow Crown Sack Shadow Statue Summer Winter Mouse Fur Mule Cricket Nail Scarecrow Contaminate Sin Poison Disease Climate Divide Landslide Earthquake  Magnet Attend

Review simple words-30

Hay Author Bachelor Spinster Bridegroom Bride Brother in law Sister in law Father in law Mother in law Son in law Daughter in law Nephew Niece Cousin Fiancée Landlord  Negro Widow Witch  Boar Cock Fox  Leopard Ram Ewe Frog Cockroach Crab Owl

Daily word review-28

Crackers Rumour Atmosphere Sling Affair Nab Grab Struggle  Appetite Demolish Venom Chat Conversation Propose Offer Progress Promise Honour Chase Details Evidence Permission Opinion Rust Stale Grey Bald Platform Feathers Treasure