Category: Tough Words and their uses.

Tough words series 2

ostentation:  Intended show of to get admiration. Her jewelleries are a part of her ostentations. sanction: To approve. Country has sanctioned budget to build water canal. ratify: To make officially valid. The chief ratified that new rule to come to office by 930 am. sanctuary, haven, shrine: A safest place or protected place. Rare animans…

Difficult Vocabulary series 1

Saccharine,–too much sweet/too much sentimental. Usage: I do not like your saccharine behaviour which I think is going to deveive me. Synonym- cloying. salacious, lascivious, lustful, lewd, lecherous, ribald ( all have similar meanings): Usage: Do not show lascivious activities in relugious  places where senior and reputable people are walking around.  sallow–very pale and weak….