Category: Today’s new word and formula to memorise it.


IRK= to irritate. How to remember? In English -Just visualise fork which has teeth. If fork rubbed over your skin it irritates. Simple eh? In Nepali -remember “कर्कर” .कसैले कर्कर गरी रह्यो भने Irritation हुन्छ नि , हैन ?


Meaning of “DOLOROUS” is feeling of great sorrow or distress. How to remember? in Nepali— imagine, when it sad situation people weep and take out tears. आसुँ = डल्लो रस. dolorous means situation of आसुँ or डल्लो रस. …… In English, when “Dollar loss”, somebody would be in distress, eh? So, that is how how we can keep…