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General English class

 Just like any other languages English is one language.  For the language. We need to learn words, grammar, and others,  every language circulates in four ways, listening, reading, speaking and writing,  Listening means listening speech, listening, a radio. Listening podcast. Listening talk.  Reading means reading books, reading newspapers, reading emails. And lately,  statuses on social media. …

Which book?

Book are are great source of knowledge, information and shaper of your life vis-a-vis career. Depending on interest and field of work, books are in available in varieties of issues. Which one you like determines what you want to be, want to learn. Connect to us for more book ideas and follow our instagram on…

Reading tricks- 1.

How often you subscribe national English newspaper? How often you you read English brochures? How often you carry your English books: fictions and non-fictions alike? Keep reading whatever is hands-on. …… we are coming to you shorty with very basic trick to improve reading and comprehending it. stay tuned!