“She Says in several ways! “

Value of vocabulary is always there. And, it gives diffrent taste but same meaning just like difrent cuisines but same nutrient in culinary / food world.

She is showing her “happiness”

Feeling Lively,  being joyous, Merry moment, Delighted to, She can say I am on the cloud nine, Being on the top of the world, Feeling cheerful.

She is very good at saying NO

“no Thanks” 

I have another. 

It is not a good idea for me. 

That is not going to work for me.

 Apologies, but I cannot make it.

 I’m already booked. 

No, I love to, but cannot

Value of Vocabulary. You can say in several way !

May be somebody hurt her. She is crying.





shedding tears.

He did some good for her. And, She did to her best friend “More than that”

 A long list,

along with,

as well as.


together with,

Other ways to say “a lot”  amazing amount of,  major amount of. 

When she says “I think.” 

It seems to me.

The way I see things is that,  

if you wonder my opinion. 

From my point of view.

It seems to me to my way of thinking.

I consider.

When she says, “I don’t know.” 

I don’t have a clue.

I have no idea.

I’m not hundred percent sure on that.

I will double check and let you know.

I don’t know anything about.

It is a mystery to me.

That is a good question.

I’ll check this. 

Whe she says “I’m sorry”. 

Please forgive me for.

 I apologize for.

 I beg your pardon. 

That is my fault. 

I’m terribly sorry for. 

I’d like to apologize for. 

I am really ashamed of what I did. 

When she says “Thank you”. 

Thanks are million.

I cannot thank you enough.

I really appreciate it. 

I am in your debt. 

When she is tired. 

She can also say

I’m dragging.

I am pooped.

I am tired out.

I am fatigued.

I am exhausted.

I am burnt out.

Whe she says hello, to make things a bit diffrent, she could have said,

 Good to see you.

Nice to see you again.

How have you been.

How are you feeling today.

What are you been up to.

Hey there.

What’s going on with you.

When she said “wait”. She could also say, 

Hold on. Wait a minute. Let me see. Give me a second. Not so fast. Hang on a moment. I’m sorry, am late. I’m sorry to keep you waiting. 

When her friend is pretty

 She is striking,  elegant,  attractive,  exquisite,  stunning , Gorgeous, appealing.

So, in english while writing or speaking. repeating same thing can make reader or listener very bored. So replacement of words would bring difference and charm in a subject matter being spoken or writen. Please follow these points.  

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