Subjunctive verbs !


simple form of the  verb when used after certain verbs indicating that  one person wants another person to do something. Advise, ask, command, decree, demand, insist, move, order, prefer, propose, recommend, request, require, stipulate, suggest, urge are followed by that. And next verb in the sentence should be in simple form. 

We urge that he live now/ we urge him to leave now. 

The university requires that all its students take this case.

We move that we adjourn until this afternoon. 

Advise, important, mandatory, necessary, obligatory, proposed, recommended, required, suggested, urgent, imperative.

It is necessary that he find the books.

It was urgent that she leave at once.

Has been proposed that….., was recommended that…,

The doctor suggested that his patient stop smoking. 

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