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General English class

 Just like any other languages English is one language.  For the language. We need to learn words, grammar, and others,  every language circulates in four ways, listening, reading, speaking and writing,  Listening means listening speech, listening, a radio. Listening podcast. Listening talk.  Reading means reading books, reading newspapers, reading emails. And lately,  statuses on social media. …

Speaking Class Overview

Speaking  Class Overview As always, when you are speaking you have to be ready yourself with: Topic.  Your research on that topic/ your knowledge of that topic/ your idea of that topic/ your view about that topic.  You have to mind map. What you are going to include whole concept that you have about that topic. So, during mind mapping you will be playing with so many slices…


Visage means “Face or appearnce of a person”. How to remember this word? Visa to USA. Happy face. Usage: A beautiful young lady with noticeably happy visage.